To find out Familytimerags Planned Litters, please check below.

***Waiting List for Pet and Show Alter Kittens***

Expecting Litters

No Litters Expected at this time.

Planned (possible) Litters for Spring/Summer 2018

RW SGC FamilytimeRags Tigers N Bears OhMy and Purrla Rhinestone Cowboy
Kittens will be Seal and Blue, in Mitted, Colorpoint or Bicolor (Lynx pattern possible)
Waiting list is OPEN.

QGC AdorableRags Serendipity and Purrla Rhinestone Cowboy
Kittens will be mostly Seal with a slight chance of Blue, in Mitted, Colorpoint, and Bicolor.
Waiting List is OPEN

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